A new weekly ritual will be posted here each week, which we will use in our Saturday meetings. For more information on these Saturday meetings, see the Get Involved page.

It is recommended that you have two bowls: one with pure water, another empty. You will also need a glass with your offering to the Gods. Typical offerings are wine, milk, or water, but the offering can be specific to the deity you are addressing. It is also appropriate to have a candle and incense.

Wash your hands in the bowl of water to purify yourself before the gods.

We will begin with music and three Delphic Maxims.

  1. γονεῖς αἰδοῦ – show a sense of regard for your parents
  2. ἡττῶ ὑπὸ δικαίου – be overcome by the just
  3. γνῶθι μαθών – learn and know

First we worship the Immortal Gods,
and revere our oaths.
Next we pay reverence to the noble Heroes,
full of goodness and light.
Likewise we honour the spirits of the dead,
who dwell in the otherworldly realm.
And we keep in mind our parents,
and those most nearly related to us.

Today’s libation is to Khors-Dazhbog [Khors Dazhbog is one of the most important gods in the Slavic pantheon. He is most notably associated with the sun, but also with rain, fertility and fire.].

I pray to Khors-Dazhbog, who consecrates and consumes the sacrifice, who rides through the heavens, who shines upon all and whose praise shall always be chanted.

Svarozich earned the praise of the ancients at Kiev and Rethra, and of those who worship him today, too. He will bring the gods here.

Through Yarilo one may grow like a flower in spring, may pour forth like a midsummer storm, and may reap the most bountiful harvest.

Great Czar-Sun, the sacred grove you consecrate from every root to every leaf is a shining path from this world to the heavens!

Angel of lightning, you will come down from your father’s house with all the gods. May you light the skies for your brother, Perun, and may you radiate our mother earth, Mokosh, and may you reveal the voracious Bear, Veles.

You bless all those who worship you, shining sun! You bless all those who ride with you, Yarilo on the white horse! Grandfather, you bless all your grandchildren.

To you, Khors Dazhbog, we come day after day, to bring our thoughts and our offerings,

to you and your idol, we sing our praises, with you we mediate on the beauty of your father’s forges.

Be easy to reach, ride swiftly down from Svarog’s house to our hearths. Shine upon us, Svarozich, for our happiness.

As you give to us, so we give back to you!

Pour some of your offering into the empty bowl.

“Neither was earth nor the air nor the heavens”,
First there was chaos and first there was chasm,
“Neither was being nor not-being then”,
But all came to be, from the two that create it:
Ice and fire, light and darkness,
Father Sky and Mother Earth.

“In the Gods’ first age, from nothing came being”.
A tree grew aloft and it covers the heavens,
“And nobody knows where its roots are meandering”.
The cosmos was ordered by numinous powers.
So shall we be brought to order,
As we partake of this drink.

The remainder of the drink is consumed.

Today’s reading is Slavic creation myth. This myth is a combination of myths from Bulgarian and Ukranian sources. Although the versions of these myths use God and Satanail [Satanael (Satanail) is a Fallen Angel. Satanael is a name for Satan or the Devil.] as the dual creators, Slavic scholars agree that the myth is a later form ofthe original dualism of Czernobog and Bielobog. Because of this names were replaced. [Belobog (also known as Bilobog, Belbog, Bialbog, Byelobog, Bielobog, Belun or Bylun) is the reconstructed Slavic god of light and the sun, he is the polar opposite of Chernobog, the black god. The White God, the god of the day, the god of Heaven, the bringer of good luck, the god of heavenly light, the god of happiness and peace, the judge who rewards good and punishes evil. A wise old man with a long beard dressed in white, Belobog appears only during the day. Chernobog (Proto-Slavic *čĭrnŭ “black” and *bogŭ “god”), also spelled as Czernobog, Tchernobog is a Slavic deity, whose name means black god. The Black God, the god of night, the god of Hell, the bringer of evil luck, the god of infernal darkness, the opposite of Belobog in every way. Chernobog and Belogbog are personifications of opposing principles of good and evil, light and dark, chaos and order.]

For newcomers:
Each person who chooses to read will read one paragraph, from asterisk to asterisk. One person will read at a time. We will read in alphabetical order and repeat this order as many times as needed till the reading is complete.


In the beginning, there were no earth and no people, only the primordial sea. Bielobog flew over the face of the waters in the shape of a swan and was lonely. Longing for someone to keep him company, he noticed his shadow, Chernobog and rejoiced.

“Let us make land” said Bielobog.


“Let us,” said Chernobog, but where will we get the dirt?”

“There is dirt under the water, go down and get some,” answered Bielobog, but before you can reach it, you must say ‘With Bielobog’s power and mine’.”


The devil dived into the water, but said “With My Power”, instead of what he was instructed to say. Twice he dived down and neither time did he reach the bottom. Finally, the third time he said “With

Bielobog’s Power and Mine” and he reached the dirt. Scraping some up with his nails, he brought it to the surface but hid a grain of dirt in his mouth in order to have his own land.


God then took the dirt from him and scattered it upon the water. The dirt became dry land and began to grow. Of course, the land in Chernobog’s mouth also began to grow and his mouth began to swell. Chernobog was forced to spit and spit to rid himself of all the earth and where he spit, mountains were formed.


Angered that he was cheated out of his own land, he waited for Bielobog to fall asleep. As soon as the god was sleeping peacefully, Czernobog lifted him up to throw him in the water. In each direction he went, but the land had grown so much, he could not reach the ocean.


When Bielobog awoke, Czernobog said “Look how much the land has grown, we should bless it.”

…And Bielobog said slyly, “I blessed it last night, in all four directions, when you tried to throw me in the water.”


This greatly angered Czernobog who stormed off to get away from Bielobog once and for all. In the meantime, the earth would not stop growing. This made Bielobog very nervous as the Heavens could no longer cover it all, so he sent an expedition to ask Czernobog how to make it stop.


Czernobog had since created a goat. When the expedition saw the great god Czernobog riding astride a goat, they couldn’t stop laughing. This angered the god and he refused to speak to them. Bielobog then created a bee, and sent the bee to spy on Czernobog.


The bee quietly alit upon Czernobog’s shoulder and waited. Soon, she heard him say to the goat “What a stupid god! He doesn’t even know that all he has to do is take a stick, make a cross to the four directions and say ‘That is enough earth’. Instead he wonders what to do.”


Hearing this, the bee buzzed off in excitement. Knowing that he’d been heard, Czernobog yelled after the bee, “Whoever sent you, Let him eat your excrement!”. The bee went directly to Bielobog and said “He said All you need to do is make a cross to the four directions and say ‘That is enough earth.’ And to me he said ‘let whomever sent you eat your excrement’.

So god stopped the earth from growing and than said to the bee “Then forever after, let there be no excrement sweeter than yours.”


This completes this week’s reading. We will pause for approximately half a minute for silent contemplation.

As we complete our meeting
in honour of our gods,
our ancestors, and the World,
which is an image of divinity,
we will remember that
‘piety consists of holy thoughts’
and that we are to be
Just, Wise, Courageous, and Temperate
in every aspect of our lives.

The offering can be left in the bowl for some time. Later, it can be poured outside into the earth.

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