We believe in the ancient gods of Europe. We praise and honor their strength and wisdom with ritual and by emulating them in our own lives; and we seek their guidance and blessings. We honor our people: our families, our ancestors, and the great men, past and present, of Europe. We honor nature, of which we are a part, by caring for it and by respecting its holiness. We accept as a guide the moral teachings of our literature. We believe in the basic goodness of life and seek continuously to improve ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Our purpose is to encourage and aid the re-adoption of indigenous European religion, or paganism. We offer historical and theological information as well as instruction for the practitioner, and we always seek to ground our beliefs in history and tradition. In particular, what we want to provide is a clear document of pre-Christian European spirituality, not simply for academic study, but for practice. As a group, we take a pan-European perspective and draw from the various historical sources of pagan Europe to reconstruct a robust religious framework for modern Europeans. This is not to exclude those of a specific regional faith – whether it be Germanic, Greek, Celtic, or any other – but to enrich all of them. We hope that you will be inspired to join us in our mission to revitalize native European spirituality!

Our header image depicts the World Serpent, associated most strongly with the Norse tradition, with “Europagan” spelled in runic script.

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